At Isca Academy we operate a House system which means the Academy is broken into four Houses (Apollo, Maia, Minerva and Saturn).  Tutor groups are made up of students from all houses.

The main focus of the House system is around student leadership (house, vice, and sports captains); sports competitions (inter house activities, Sports Day and Exe Valley Extreme); rewards (house points, certificates, vouchers, and experiences); and a tutor time programme (including study time, mentoring, peer support and assemblies).

As part of our ongoing commitment to the overall development of our students we make changes to how the House system operates in order to create more opportunities for celebrating success, student leadership and cooperative work.


The Library is located in the Learning Resources Centre (LRC).  It is open every day from 8.30 to 3.30, and is managed by the Librarian, Mrs Kenyon, with the help of Pupil Librarians.

The resources in the library include books for the National Curriculum and leisure reading, newspapers and magazines, spoken word CDs and an interesting Reference section.

Pupils are allowed 2 books for 2 weeks, and 1 CD for 1 week.  If books or CDs become overdue letters are sent to their tutors.  If books are still outstanding a letter is sent home to parents, and ultimately a bill is sent if the books or CDs are not returned.

We hold regular events with help from the English department and frequently welcome authors to speak to students about their experiences.

Lunchtime Conduct

An off-site pass for lunchtime will be issued to year 10 and 11 students in September, following receipt of a permission slip from parents. In order to retain their pass students are asked to adhere to the following code of conduct:

  • Be polite and respectful at all times –showing self control in use of language and tone so as to always give a good impression.
  • Take care and behave responsibly when crossing roads
  • Be punctual and keep to school times
  • Respect the environment and always place litter in a bin
  • Our community is a vital part of what makes us special, always try to remember this

However, if students are late to school in the morning they will not be able to use their pass on that day.  Furthermore, if students return late from lunch they will have their pass removed for the following day.  If students are consistently late (morning or afternoon) they will have their pass removed for the half-term or completely.

School Rules

Isca Academy aims to meet the needs of all members of our school community by establishing standards of behaviour based on respect and self discipline. We aim to promote an ethos that sets out high expectations of all students through developing high self-esteem in an inclusive community.

We aim to teach students how to choose appropriate, responsible behaviour. It is our belief that a positive, restorative and solution focused approach can do this. Students should be able to feel safe, think through consequences of their behaviour and be able to learn without being disrupted by others.

Students should also recognise their uniform carries a responsibility with it and they should conduct themselves appropriately at all times.

We have a few simple rules which are consistently reinforced by a rewards system and a sanctions system.


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