PREVENT Radicalisation

Schools can help to protect children from extremist and violent views in the same ways that they help to safeguard children from drugs, gang violence or alcohol.
The purpose must be to protect children from harm and to ensure that they are taught in a way that is consistent with the law and our values. Awareness of PREVENT and the risks it is intended to address are both vital. Staff can help to identify, and to refer to the relevant agencies, children whose behaviour suggests that they are being drawn into terrorism or extremism.
Schools of all kinds can play a role in enabling young people to explore issues like terrorism and the wider use of violence in a considered and informed way. Schools can facilitate understanding of wider issues within the context of learning about the values on which our society is founded and our system of democratic government. These are important for reasons which go far beyond Prevent but they connect to the Prevent agenda
Within this overall framework the PREVENT strategy will specifically:
    •    respond to the ideological challenge of terrorism and the threat we face from those who promote it;
    •    prevent people from being drawn into terrorism and ensure that they are given appropriate advice and support; and
    •    work with sectors and institutions where there are risks of radicalisation which we need to address.
PREVENT referrals should be reported in line with other safeguarding procedures.
If there is an immediate risk call 999
Exeter's PREVENT Coordinator: 01392 452555
Anti-terrorist hotline - 0800 789321

Below are links to some useful websites:

There are also downloadable advice and information sheets below, or parents can speak to one of our Safeguarding team for more information about how we are approaching these topics in school.



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