Ready to Learn

Ready to Learn

At Isca Academy we have been looking at fostering behaviour for learning in our students to provide the  most conducive environment for children to succeed during their time with us.  In a recent survey which our students completed, low level disruptive behaviour by classmates was identified as one of the main barriers to learning and enjoying lessons.
Although this does not happen very often, it is an area which needs continued attention.
Certainly, for both students and parents/carers, knowing that school is a safe, happy place where everyone can feel relaxed and able to learn, is fundamental.
We already pride ourselves on effective strategies to manage behaviour but wish to improve this further to create a genuine culture of positivity and mutual respect across the school.
Therefore, we have introduced a new Ready to Learn approach at Isca Academy from September 2016. Essentially, the system will aim:

The Ready to Learn approach will cover all aspects of school life, both within and outside of the classroom.
It involves sanctions being given through a central school system, which will be carefully monitored by the
Behaviour Management Team and the Academy Leadership Team, both to identify early any students who
may need support with their behaviour, and to ensure sanctions are applied fairly and consistently across the school. This will involve all students operating under a one-warning system and being given a 24 hour period  in Isolation  (formerly  ARC),  including  a  same  day 1- hour  detention after  school,  should  they  fail  to correct their disruptive behaviour following the warning being issued.

We obviously appreciate that some students have additional needs which make it more difficult for them to regulate  some  aspects  of  their  behaviour.  These  children  need  our  complete  support.  The  strategy  will, therefore,  include  a  tariff  system personalised for  individual  students  and  a  full  3-step intervention and support programme  if  the  student  has  multiple  incidents  of poor  behaviour  resulting  in time in isolation (formerly ARC).

In  parallel,  and  of  equal  importance,  we  are  revisiting  our  rewards  system  to  create  a  positive  ‘can  do’ attitude in all aspects of school life, and to reward our students for their fantastic work, attitude and effort.
Fundamentally, we would like to continue to keep lines of communication open between home and school to  ensure  that  we  provide  the  very  best  support  to  your  children  as  well  as  improving  standards  at  the Academy.
A presentation shown to parents at school is downloadable below.
If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact us.



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