Questions and Answers

Q.        How do I credit the account?
A.        This can be done in 2 ways:
By Cheque, this eliminates the need for students to carry any cash.  Cheques should be made payable to Sodexo with bankers card details, pupils name and form on the back. 
Place in the cheque box in the dining room.
By Cash, into the revaluation machines on site. 
These take £5, £10 and £20 notes, £2, £1, 50p, 20p, 10p, 5p coins – no copper is accepted.
There is no minimum or maximum amount that has to be credited to the account before it can be used.  (However the account must be in credit to purchase food)

Q.        Can I still continue to pay by cheque?
A.        Cheques are encouraged because it means no cash has to be carried.  Cheques should be made payable to Sodexo Paying by cheque means you know the money is being spent on food and drink within the school.

Q.        When can I use the revaluation machine?
A.        Before the 1st bell in the morning, at morning break and at lunchtime.
Remember to credit your account in advance before purchasing food.

Q.        How do I check if I have credit on my account?
A.        Enter the pin into the revaluation machine and this will tell you the balance on your account.

Q.        I am entitled to a free meal, how does it work?
A.        The allowance is credited to you each lunch time to allow you to purchase your meal.
(This allowance will not carry over to the next day if not used). 

Q.        Can anyone else use my account?
A.        No – a unique number is allocated to each pupil and a photo image of each student appears on the tills once the pin is entered.  Anyone found using someone else’s pin will be reported to the school. 

Q.        What if my photograph has not been taken?
A.        New students will have their photograph taken within the first weeks of term.

Q.        What happens if I forget my money to credit my account?
A.        You will need to see a member of school staff or student support to authorise and cover the cost of a meal – this MUST be paid back in full the next day.

Q.        Can I have any say in what my child eats?
A.        The system has a blocking facility that will identify any items the child is not allowed either by choice or dietary needs.  This facility can only be provided if confirmation is provided in writing by the parent/guardian.

Q.        What is the process for duty meals, individual visitors or groups?
A.        Duty meals can either be allocated to the individual staff members account or to a group account for duty meals. Visiting groups or individuals can have a pre prepared pin number issued on arrival to site and the account can be credited by the individual or recharged back to the school.

Q.        Do I get a receipt from the revaluation unit when I credit my account?
A.        No. Although when you enter a number your account is recognisable prior to putting in cash. If you feel a mistake has been made it should be brought to the attention of the catering team immediately where an investigation can be carried out.


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