School Reporters make headlines

BBC School Report has become a firm favourite at Isca College but this year our school reporters truly found themselves at the centre of the headlines.

Each year School Report sees Isca’s budding journalists become reporters for the day, producing video, audio, and text-based news reports that are tracked by the BBC in the UK's biggest and most prolific day for young student journalists.

For 2013, six students were selected to record their news report at BBC Radio One before heading to BBC Television Centre to finalise and edit their work.  However, en route to London their train was involved in a collision with a car at a railway crossing. 

Sadly, a man lost his life in the accident and Isca students found themselves at the heart of a national news story, featuring across the BBC’s news platforms and informing much of the coverage from the scene.

Dan Smith, who accompanied the group in his role as Radio Co-ordinator, said:  ‘I am so proud of how our media arts students coped with the experience; the crew far exceeded my expectations and made the best of a really difficult day’.

Back at Isca, a further group of school reporters were hard at work, producing articles, photos, and film on the subject of citizen journalism, the theme for School Report 2013.  Their work was speedily uploaded onto a blog and covered everything from the budget, and the conflict with North Korea, not forgetting the train incident involving their fellow school reporters.

In spite of the challenges they faced, Isca’s future journalists are more determined than ever to make it in the media – roll on BBC School Report 2014!

Click on an image below to see some video highlights from last year and check here soon for video from this year's day.

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