Visual Arts

The Visual Arts give us a whole new language to observe, understand, interpret and express our worlds, which is why the subjects of Art and Design, Textiles and Photography are viewed as an important aspect of the curriculum at Isca Academy. 

Our Visual Art studios are popular areas within the school, always open and alive with activity, buzzing with students – early morning, at lunchtimes and after school as well as during lessons. Students are encouraged to complete independent learning, pursue their own personal interests and we urge them to be creative, enthusiastic and imaginative. We expect all students to experiment and take risks with their work and become independent and confident learners. The support of parents and carers is vital to the success of our young artists.

Key Stage 3
During Years 7 and 8 students study Art and Design on a rotation system. They complete 2 blocks of 9 weeks per year, having two lessons every week. We make sure that each rotation includes these skills:

Key Stage 4
Our GCSE courses start in Year 9, where we offer Art and Design, Textiles and Photography. Students have five lessons a fortnight during KS4.

All classes are set as mixed ability groups, which helps us all to explore and celebrate our similarities and differences, making our teaching and learning experiences richer and more interesting with surprising creative outcomes.

Each KS3 rotation includes a compulsory extended homework task for all pupils and frequent short voluntary tasks for our most creative, keen artists. At KS4 homework will be set weekly, usually consisting of completion or extension of work started in lessons. 

All KS3 pupils have a Personalised Learning Checklist to track their progress. This PLC is linked to the assessment used in KS4, where GCSE students use the EDEXCEL assessment criteria to track their progress. 

Year 7: “Me and My World” – an introduction to portrait, landscape and indoor scenes.
Year 8: “Objects and Viewpoints”- an introduction to still-life and abstraction.
Year 9: “The Basic Elements and Principles of Art” and Portfolio Project 1
Year 10: Portfolio Project 2 and Portfolio Project 3
Year 11: Complete, improve and extend the Portfolio Unit (projects1,2 and 3) and Exam Project 

The topics of the portfolio projects vary across the three subjects. They are planned to provide a wide range of genres, techniques, processes and artists to the Portfolio Unit. Topics used in the last few years have been:
Art and Design, Textiles: Myself and Other Artists; Life Events, Natural Form, Surfaces, Ordinary and Extraordinary.
Photography: Me and My Camera, Portrait and Self-Image, Music.


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