Computer Science, Robotics and IT

Welcome to the Computer Science, Robotics and IT Department.
We are in our second year teaching the new specification of the 1-9 Computer Science qualification and we are growing from strength to strength. Alongside this we have a thriving robotics club and are currently looking into offering an IT qualification alongside Computer Science.

KS3 curriculum
The KS3 curriculum is split into the 6 half terms of the school year. We are timetabled 1 lesson a week throughout year 7 and 8 and the structure is below. They will make the decision in year 8 as to whether they will continue Computer Science or an IT qualification into GCSE.

Year 7

Year 8

KS4 curriculum
The 1-9 specification puts a much higher emphasis on the mathematical element of programming. It is split into 2 papers.

Paper 1 – Computer Science Theory and algorithms
50% of the available marks

Paper 2 – Programming theory and application of mathematics
50% of the available marks

Programming Project
Compulsory 20 hours of Coding in coursework conditions. Using a scripting language attempting to complete a set Task by OCR.

The topics included within the 1-9 specification are:
1.1 System Architecture
1.2 Memory
1.3 Storage
1.4 Wired and Wireless Networks
1.5 Network Topologies
1.6 System Security
1.7 Systems Software
1.8 Ethical, Legal and environmental
2.1 Flowcharts and searching
2.2 Programming Ability
2.3 Robust Programming
2.4 Computational logic
2.5 Language Translators
2.6 Data Representation

These are taught in a very general way in KS3 and applied to every assessment which is completed and then in KS4 assessments are built directly from these topics.
Assessments are built on paper so that they are as realistic as possible to the real exams and lessons are timetabled where computers are not used at all.


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