Gifted and Talented

At Isca Academy we identify and support both Able and Lead learners.  An Able Learner exceeds expectations in their grasp and understanding of the subject taught. A Lead Learner shows exceptional ‘Learning to Learn’ skills, enthusiasm and dedication in the classroom.
We wish all children to reach their full potential and to consider their time at our school to be one of challenge, opportunity, achievement and enjoyment. Therefore we will help our children to develop their personalities, skills and abilities intellectually and socially to their full potential. Provide teaching, which makes learning challenging and enjoyable and allows all students to succeed personally and academically.
Students are identified through subject teacher and tutor referral, whole school assessments and parental nomination. Isca Academy will respond to any parental nomination and welcome any background, knowledge or evidence of a student’s work done at home if appropriate. This information will be cross referenced to performance data. Pupils’ exceptional abilities are recorded on a whole school system and their able status is highlighted in every register of every lesson to support differentiation.
All students should aspire to make at least four levels of progress from Year 7 to 11. In many cases, “Able” students may exceed these expectations and it is the role of the classroom teacher in every lesson to ensure that said students are provided for in accordance with the principle of ‘stage not age’. The most able students are motivated and provided with learning opportunities to go beyond the level of attainment expected of other students in their age group. Every classroom teacher is responsible for enabling “Able” students to experience a broader curriculum and deeper learning experience.
The extra-curricular programme at Isca is exceptional  and a fantastic opportunity for Able and Lead Learners to stretch their potential and share their enthusiasm for learning.


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