Governor Attendance 2016-17

Governor Attendance at Meeting 2016/17
  Meeting 1 Meeting 2 Meeting 3 Meeting 4 Meeting 5 Meeting 6
  P&S F&R P&S F&R P&S F&R P&S F&R P&S F&R P&S F&R
Ray Beale P A A P A P            
Anthiny Boulton P AW P P P P            
Rachael Brown P P P P P P            
Helen Crossfield A A P P P P            
Aimee Mitchell P P P A P P            
Andrew Slaney NA NA P P P P            
Mario Trabucco P P P P P P            
Michael Trimble A P A P A A            
Nigel Watts A P P P A P            
Gina Woodcraft P P P P P A            

P = Present
A = Absent with apologies
AW = Absent without apologies
NA = Not applicable


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