Ted Wragg Trust

The Ted Wragg Multi Academy Trust is a not-for-profit local group made up of unpaid trustees mainly from education - Exeter University and Exeter College - as well as a number of local businesses. A list of these members can be found here https://www.tedwraggtrust.co.uk/governance/trustees/

Professor Ted Wragg, in whose memory the Ted Wragg Trust is named, was passionate about education in general, and in Exeter in particular, and about how education can transform young people’s futures.

The Ted Wragg Multi Academy Trust, a charitable foundation trust, wishes to build on this legacy and work with Exeter schools to raise the aspirations of young people and enable them to become fulfilled, confident and motivated citizens, able to contribute actively to a democratic society. The Trust partners share Ted Wragg’s passion for education and the difference it can make to social mobility, progression, self-esteem and ultimately success, in an increasingly competitive education and jobs market.

All students within the Ted Wragg Trust, regardless of social or cultural background, are motivated to succeed and make outstanding progress because their needs are met through creative, relevant and innovative teaching.

The aims of the Ted Wragg Trust are to:
-    Work in genuine partnership to strengthen schools and their communities.
-    Foster a culture of positive challenge and continual school improvement.
-    Provide a common sense of purpose with a focus on outstanding teaching and learning.
-    Offer an excellent educational experience so that every student fulfils their potential.
-    Encourage a rich, dynamic and purposeful range of learning opportunities for all students.
-    Develop life-enhancing values so that students leave school with a sense of self-worth and a determination to succeed.

More details about the Trust can be found on their website: http://www.tedwraggtrust.co.uk/

News from the TWMAT

The Trust has now been working with Isca for over a year and is enjoying the role very much, particularly the visits to the school to see the students and the great things they do.  Lots has been going on and just to give you a flavour, here are a few examples.  A group of university students have been coming in to work as mentors with Isca students, giving them one-to-one attention and boosting their self-confidence and aspiration.  Earlier in the year, the school welcomed children’s author, Steve Voakes, as a Writer-in-Residence as part of the exetreme imagination festival, led by the University.  And as part of that festival, an Isca student won the Under 14 category in a Poetry competition run by the Graduate School of Education at the University.  Looking ahead, we are hoping to create some exciting connections between the school and the Science departments at the University.

At the moment, Isca is the only school in the Ted Wragg Multi Academy Trust, but in September the new school at the Cranbrook Education Campus will be joining the Trust.  With this new venture ahead of us, the Trust has expanded its Directors to ensure it is in the best possible position to support both schools.  Lewis Banfield, former Isca governor, has joined the Trust to lead on finance.  We have also welcomed Ray Beale, a retired Local Government officer, particularly because of his understanding of PFI issues; and Linda Jones from the Met Office.

This is an exciting new step for the Trust, and for Isca too.  The new school at Cranbrook is a through school from age 2 to age 16, so it includes a nursery, as well as primary and secondary provision.   It will serve the rapidly growing estate of houses at Cranbrook, and will be a school right at the heart of this expanding community, serving local needs.

So how is this good news for Isca?  Having two schools in the Trust creates all sorts of new opportunities for cross-school collaboration and support, including sharing specialist teachers, working together on shared projects, and reducing costs through shared services.  Our goal is to enhance further the quality of the educational experience your children receive.

If you want to find out more about Cranbrook, do have a look at the website: http://www.cranbrookeducationcampus.org.uk/

And more information about the Ted Wragg Trust can be found on our website : www.tedwraggtrust.co.uk

Professor Debra Myhill
Chair of the Ted Wragg MA Trust


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