Success for all

Isca has the success of every child at heart.  This means that we accept nothing less than the best and we fully support every student to ensure they fulfil their potential.

At Isca students of all abilities progress at a higher rate than most schools in the country with one in four students leaving the college with 10 or more GCSEs at grades A*-C.  Every student is given personal targets based upon their initial level and then supported at every stage of their development along the road to success.  Finding that delicate balance between challenging and assisting students is a key factor in our success.

We are aware that success cannot be measured in exam results alone and that the personal development of every student is crucial to their future path in life.  Changing children's life chances and opening doors for their future is what we do.

Children in Care

Children In Care (CIC) are supported through a Personal Education Plan where individual needs are assessed. A key person is allocated to provide support to the student and funding is available that can be used for fun activities, mentoring or educational activities.

We regularly refer to outside agencies such as Young Carers, liaise closely with carers and social care and run a monthly drop in for vulnerable pupils.

A fund is available to provide our children in care with additional tutoring that can help them achieve their potential, giving them valuable one to one input and encouraging positive outcomes academically.

We make the most of all available opportunities for our CIC to experience respite through positive activities including CHICKS holidays and specialist Arts Council interventions.

All staff working with CIC ensure that they are providing the best support by reviewing their practice and attending support networks such as the Devon CIC Designated Teachers group.  

Ethnic Minority Achievement

The Ethnic Minority Achievement team have a number of mechanisms to ensure that Isca’s ethnic minority students achieve their best and are happy.

We offer bespoke, curriculum-focused intervention and one-to-one tuition for students with English as Additional Language (EAL). There is also the option of mother language academic support with Exeter University Global Touch Programme volunteers.  Additional pastoral support is avilable to ethnic minority students and their parents as needed. 

We are committed to dealing with cultural conflicts and racist incidentsand we would stress that these occur extremely rarely at Isca. 

There is a wealth of guidance and training to staff on provisions for ethnic minority pupils.Several of our students are trained as ‘cultural champions’ to promote positive ethnic diversity in school, partner schools and the wider community.

There are also specifically relevant enrichment opportunities for ethnic minority students, such as International Mother Language Day at Exeter University.

Gifted and Talented

Our first concern is to provide first-class quality teaching in every lesson and for every pupil. In order to provide an inspiring and challenging curriculum for our gifted learners, we have initiated programmes of professional development which enable our teachers to meet and exceed the highest standards.

At KS4 particularly, Isca is committed to ensuring that each child achieves their challenging and aspirational targets. Teachers work diligently to support gifted learners. Dynamic working relationships are a key feature of Isca College and our open door policy allows learning to flourish in and out of school hours. The Saturday School for Gifted Learners was incredibly successful this year and gifted pupils benefited from the small-group learning days offered by staff.

The college has a commitment to providing a stimulating and diverse extra-curricular programme for our gifted and talented students. Opportunities range from the literary to the scientific to the creative. Animation is a popular choice as is Book Club, the Choir, and Isca Radio.  The Duke of Edinburgh Award is fiercely championed in the school and we are also Ten Tors champions, Exmoor Challenge champions, and lead our own Exe Valley Challenge for primary learners.


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