Care and Support

Students thrive at Isca because they are safe, happy, and supported in their learning. The quality of relationships is second to none with staff committed and focused on the wellbeing of every student - at Isca there are no invisible children! When you visit us you will experience a positive and friendly environment where staff and students work well together.

All students belong to a house tutor group appropriate to their age range. In this way younger students have the support of older students with the aim being a shared responsibility for the welfare of all. The four houses of Apollo, Maia, Minerva and Saturn encourage a sense of pride and belonging, provide a framework for inter school competition and opportunities for positions of responsibility. For example in Key Stage 4 students are House Captains and Sports Captains and in Key Stage 3 they ane Junior Leaders. Across the school there are other positions of responsibility available to students including Peer Mentors and Lead Learners.

When students feel secure and happy, they are able to challenge themselves, take risks with their learning and advance beyond what they know and understand.

In primary school, Year 6 pupils will have opportunities to come and visit Isca, or be visted by our staff to talk to them about life at Isca
Mrs Lee is responsible for showing prospective parents and students from all year groups around the college. She is the first point of call for parents and students who are interested in coming to Isca and remains a key support contact for students throughout their time at the college. 

We actively encourage all students who have a problem to speak to Mrs Lee, their form tutor, or head of house in the first instance.  However, some students will need more support to engage successfully with school life and they may be referred to the SEN, or Student Support teams by their head of house.

Counselling Service

Counselling is open to all students who want someone to listen to them and support them through difficulties or changes they are facing. Some may be concerned about their behaviour or how others are behaving towards them.

Counselling can help with a problem that seems small but feels large; difficulties at school or home; relationships, friends, and family; making difficult decisions; coming to terms with unhappy experiences.
It's a chance to talk privately and be listened to.  All conversations are confidential unless there's a risk of harm and a need to involve others, when permission will be asked.

Students can refer themselves, by informing Ms Moore, they can also ask their Head of House or tutor to email a referral.
Our counsellor, Jane Doidge, is BACP accredited.






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