Media Arts

Specialist schools were introduced in the late 1990s as an important part of the Government’s plans to raise standards in secondary schools. Isca College has specialised in Media Arts since 2004, although it no longer receives separate funding to do so.

There are a number of benefits to be gained from the college's expertise in media arts:

It enables the college to strengthen and develop the quality of teaching and learning in the arts subjects and across the curriculum. The use of media techniques and technology ensures learning is engaging, relevant and that young people have the opportunity to use methodology which is as innovative as the best of schools nationally. Our work in animation is one example among many.

It allows the college to extend opportunities for applied learning and enrichment activity through the media arts, including through links with community partners, business, employers, further and higher education institutions and other national organisations. Our Sony award-winning school radio is one example of this.

It offers an opportunity to enrich the character and ethos of the college overall - including through encouragement of increased take-up and interest in arts areas. We also use media techniques to celebrate the work and achievements of students at the college.

It means that the college can work collaboratively with partner schools to provide high quality learning opportunities and support in the media arts - by sharing facilities, resources and expertise, enhancing further the quality of teaching and developing and disseminating good practice.



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